Russian Military War Crimes

In a word. Platform.

The diaglogue has shifted.

The war has just begun and enters a new phase. The season of winter will be hard on the enemy, harder on the innocent and hopeless for the douma. The trenches of Crimea have been reinforced and will be held at all cost, for it is the jewel of desire.

Six years of conflict between Russia and an overstretched Ottoman Empire from 1768 to 1774 led to the signing of the 1774 Treaty of Küçük Kaynarca, which provided Russia direct access to the Black Sea region via the Kerch and Azov ports.
Relief map of Crimea (disputed status) Prince Grigory Potemkin annexed Crimea using little green men four hundered years ago in 1783. The holder of Sevastopol may sail the Black Sea. Center for Strategic and International Studies.

Random Act of Aggression

The Baltic Sea

Over in the Baltic Sea; Two Russian fighters conducted aggressive maneuvers towards our sailors. This part of the Atlantic Ocean separates Finland from Sweden, our two newest friends, and harbors at least two crazy Russians. The polished statement released by our forces negates to mention the abject lack of direction of the Russian Air Force. Midley indicatingthat, \"NATO deemed the interaction unsafe and unprofessional,\".

Russian fighters in a warzone within a football field of our boats. профессиональный.

Current Fleet

Commodore Jeanette Morang, Royal Netherlands Navy - COMMANDER
Standing North Atlantic Treaty Organization Maritime Group One Vessels.

During the Crimean War, a joint British and French fleet attacked the Russian fortresses in the Baltic; the case is also known as the Åland War. They bombarded Sveaborg, which guards Helsinki; and Kronstadt, which guards Saint Petersburg; and they destroyed Bomarsund in Åland.

Something about an eye for an eye, or two.

The 18th of November.

80 Yards @ Drone Height

Black Sea

  • Naval insurance policies are no longer available to all merchants at sea.
  • The gates of Constantinople are closed.
  • Russian flagship a wreck.
  • Blockades.
  • Mines.


The spice must flow.

The harbor at Novorossiysk came under attack. Another successful harbor strike further than the last. Ukraine exhibiting the incapacity of the Russian navy to secure thier dockyards.


Peacock at the door.

Petroleum Prince


Khashoggi, Saudi Arabia, Xi.