Uprising in Tehran, Keshavarz Boulvard September 2022 (3) Iran is burning. The death of a lady. Money to quell. Money to kill. Israel; another mandate issued.

It need not be this way. The people of Iran are incredible and capable. They need a chance to prove their worth. وقت آن است که بی احتیاطی سیگار کشیدن را در اسارت شروع کنیم.

Putler is escalating full throttle; with little to show. In exchange for political apathy the folk regress under eye. Rally what troops? The military dies last, yet bleeds first. An F.S.B. war fought in fatigues.

What more escalation is on offer? More rape? More orphan abduction? More torture and death?

Don't follow your leaders to doom. Follow up on your taxes. Demand more from your buck.

Most concerning are the strong words from the strong leaders whose countries are strongly at thier backs.
A kick in the ass to each.

War Diesel

War Tech

War Diesel

Two hundred rounds of guided round shot in 37th Presidential draw down

Friendly Shores

Military supply chains leading the way; merchants at heel.