More than you are thinking

I'm really not sure where to start with this one, but I guess it's my diary; so let's go

I guess it would be more appropriate to say; Christmas is more than whatever the intercourse I thought it was. I suppose it begins with friends; and operating systems. A fresh install will reveal the world in a way. aside: google search results used not be unique. What's the opposite of writers block?

College Try

here's an experiement; lets map the old brain to typing and see what comes out. So a crow can problem solve. An octopus escape artist. We are such dicks.

Oh; and without context everything sucks. Like; civilization's future.

Was I supposed to get this shit before?

Hey kiddo; language defines people, y'know?

Okie dokie then; thanks pops.

Ego and the cost of dissent. To bear the shame of the public.


Something about weeks where centuries unfold

See the source as to how conflicted I am in approaching today's historic events. Let me start an unordered list

  • President of Ukraine hits up Washington D.C.
  • Turkey recovers stranded airplanes

The ramifications of the above two statements are the ones that contrive against the calm of disclaimer. Absurde in the extreme the world today and on exhibit is the joke to which we are subject.

And ; here is where the creator takes to work.

What is of relevance to this audient? Airplanes? Rocket ships? Leaders ? War? Sadomasicism? Exploration? Discovery? Intuiting? Of what tone shall I take to recount this "his-story".

What bridge do I gap? What do you? What knowledge are you here to seek? A chronicle of one man you are surely to find. And with that; I will do that.

The chronicle of today will find the sitting president of Ukraine an actor and comedian to which we have discussed at lengthe before; and if I were to start each and every entry from the beginning of time; the plight of the chronicler.

Alright; I've been asuaged to regail

Fluid; the genesis of understanding. a.k.a. fluid.



Monday the 19th of December

Folding the Pleat

The silicone war is the battlefront that I have decided to cover. As intersting as is the Baltic Sea oil transfer platform, the fall of Putler, or the sleeved cards Iran is playing, I must draw your attention to the "Waffer War" specifically behind the silicone frontlines to the galium nitride canteen. This workhorse element transitions a critical volatage gab.

Yes, yes, I know that "volatage" is a gap. A gap between electrons no less. I speak however of the gap between these gaps.

Allow me. Every silicone chip on which our world depends must gather it's electrons from the civil outlet. The colloquial wall wart, charger, or plug in needs be used to power on the contraption. No computer in the world runs on AC and this little gem can do the magic from a large datacenter to the phone in your pocket, stay tuned for GaN to his your world.

Nuclear Nations - Pugilists at War

China attacks india

December 2022

Chinese Communists Attack Democratic India

Last Year

When China launched a surprise attack in the Himalayas, the term "Line of Actual Control" entered our lexicon. Remarkably these two nuclear nations have agreed that the disputed borders of Arunachal Pradesh shall be enforced with sticks and stones. As a result, democracy had to bludgeon the communists to death.

Considering they surged forward again today, it might be time for democracy to wake up.

In de-occupied Kherson, in one of the discovered torture chambers, a separate room was found where minors were kept. This was reported by the Verkhovna Rada Commissioner for Human Rights Dmytro Lubinets on December 14. "For the first time, we recorded the fact of torturing children," the ombudsman said, noting that the commissioner's apparatus discovered a separate cell where minors were kept. "According to the testimony of the people who were held there, Ukrainian children were in that room. The occupiers themselves called it a "children's cell," Lubinets said.

War Babies

Sandbagging the maternity wards throughout Ukraine.

Birthing a nation in hell. A country of ours has been pitched into darkness. Terrorized to this day; joy only a memory.

Yet through this fiend's darkness shines the eternal light of love. Guiding souls to our chorus of good. Ukrainian babies born today are branded as"Heroes" not the children of rape you imagined. They will sing our tune over your dead body.

These angels of war sport some killer wings. Rarely do we see a forging of equal parts love and hate. Somehow, nine months ago when the largest terror attack in human history unleashed upon the world, amidst the death and destruction everything good, at least this one mother chose to make love. She chose this life for her child. For her, there was no better time to show the world how love finds a way.

For one brief magical moment; the world that had become so dark that was crashing in around her finally did slip away. There in her most perilous hour, her head in the serpents mouth, chose to love.
Joy to the world, this angel is born.

The devil, through his work, has filled countless graves this size. Many well beyond our salvation. Yet, today, in this war, the princess Ukraine, we swore to protect mind you, cries out as she is burtally tortured in ever more sinister ways. She has been raped by the devil all year and only her children are fighting him off.
The leaders of the free at once heard her scream in agondy. They sprang forward ready to uphold their vow of protection. We showed up all right, no one bullies our sister Ukraine. Once we saw the horror:
  • We bore witness to the crime of assault
  • We recorded the murders and creative tortur techiques
  • We're obviously "thoroughly" investigating the two dead Polacs in my backyard
  • And our warplanners have been jerking off to Putlers assfuckery all year

What else do you want?
Like, we're learning so much about war as your children fight to save your life. It's not like we don't appreciate you keeping Lucifer busy for us. We do. But until Germany gets over having it's ass handed back by my gramps, and starts acting more Polish the wasteland formally known as Europe could still be a thing. We're friends and all, but you really only need my Canadian and other non-nuked-up over-seas grunts. Consult your your local war doctrines; and make a move before Putler re-writes his to screw you up good.

yet now only bear witness to the crime of assault. our free nations are at fault for some. of the world we have collectively failed.

Please let us collectively find the strength to protect this angel by vanquishing evil with all of our might. I pay good taxes to stop ass-hats like this. We must aggressively without restraint expeditiously eliminate the terrorists in Europe...

before the devil makes us do it.


Donetsk Oblast Ukraine

The 10th of December
Here are a few words before I check in on the frontline and ingest my weekly weekend sources. Quarter past the midnight hour here; the sun rises once again over the freedom fighters holding Bakhmut. What is blatently clear is the psychotic furvor of the terrorist fight.

I've said it before and I'm typing it now, "This war is just getting started." I don't know what that means exactly, but I do know a bit more about the scale of war. Take a moment to think of a battle. Any battle. I'm going with Braveheart.

What did you come up with? Death I am sure. Did you First-Person-Shooter it in your mind? Did you look your best friend in the eyes before heading towards the enemy? Did you consider your motives? Any thoughts towards loved ones in your final hour? Any consideration of it "being" just that?

Yeah; me neither. It's just war after all. I think it has been proven that our human brains cannot realize death beyond belief. One dead, sure. Two, of course. Two hundred? Take a moment. Line them up, count them off. Quite the mess.

It should get hard around two thousand or so... Unless you're crooked or have warmed up at war. Two thousand is about a high school worth of bodies. A million would be a great lifeless city. To actually understand what a million dead humans on your desk would actually be like; you just can't.

The current generals will know soon enough. Now reset your battle and promote yourself to command. Go forward in your mind and conduct the tasks of war. Order your army forward to kill and die in your name.

The abject horror unleashed upon our world has rarely been caught on camera before being lost to time. The peaceful world we knew is now dead. A new global era of conflict has been thrust upon us all. An evil empire once again marches across Europe.

So now when I say, "Hold on to your butts." it is with a bit more conviction. A new rivalry has developed between the waring armies. A bit of history if you will.

I'm clearly taking some time with this one, so I'll start eight years ago right after Barak Obama officially started his second term at the beginning of 2014. Shortly thereafter Russia finished wresting control over the Crimea a strategic peninsula to say the least. The prehistoric inhabitants of this globally valuable dirt stood no chance but to steward the land beholden to upon high. Once the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics was finished, the region was completely swamped with imported Russians.

Ukraine, by no other name, was shilded from democracy behind the iron curtain. The Second World War had two fronts, one obsure. To exorcise the last European demon, the Allies burned Ukraine to the ground.

During the cold war Ukraine and her stories were lost to the free world. Turns out they played a big role, being on the front line and all. The soviets wasted no time building military industrial complexes. I'm talking sub bases, shipyards, aircraft plants and missile silos. Ukraine was now jacked up and under control.

With the Soviet mother dead on the floor president George H. W. Bush delivered 14 bay nations to the world. One by one the countries took breath, Ukraine being a beautiful orphaned girl. A dozen or more infant states writhing in a warm puddle of their mothers blood. There, there little ones. Everything will be okay. We got you.

The Belarus and Ukraine, the twin girls, were quickly snatched up by their wikid aunt Russia. The young beautiful virgin princess Ukraine was courted by all while her ugly sister and nasty aunt hated the bitch and did everything to ruin her life. With the young ladies and cruel aunt always spatting, president daddy William J. Clinton stepped in. He ordered the young princesses to behave and then took away their gun.

Ukraine did as she was told, trusting her brothers to keep her safe, and handed over her piece without a fight.

The princess grew up, married had children and was living happily ever after until 2014 when her skaggy aunt Russia broke into her room and stole her favorite dress. Apparently, Ukraine had trusted some of her aunt's friends, who then let Russia into the house. Once inside, she quickly took over the princesses coveted Crimean closet.

Pissed that Ukraine kept banging at the door and getting curbed around the world, vile auntie Russia went nuts. In February 2022 the ugly twin sister Belarus let auntie into the kitchen and all hell broke loose.

Terrorist aunt Putler wanted the princess dead, and would kill every last Ukranian to do so. Consumed by evil the devil himself has risen and feeds on our dead children. The busy at work bombing maternity hospitals, schools and most succulant of all, clearly marked mass shelters where hundreds of young souls baste. Enough fantasy land Slater. Shoot from the hip already. Genocide by no other name.

Our generals somehow failed to anticipate the revolting depravity behind the preceding maternity ward bombings. Someone obviously forgot the Russian Federation under Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is a terrorist state without any military dignity. In any case, the lesson was learned; calice to their perverted motives we must now become. Whatever you think is a lot of dead young adults, double it.

Imagine one million (1,000,000) dead human beings. What will that look like? Well no one knows for sure how many youth will be killed in 2023, but me thinking magnitudes more. The stagnant front rots with dead. As the human supply lines cement into the two societies the waves of youth will die en-masse.

The unfortunate realities of war will become clear to us all. Consider a single battle in a single week of the Second World War could easily see 705,000 men on one side alone. These men like today's soldiers advance will relentlessly advance under fire until headquarters calls out, "Uncle".

I haven't even gotten to last Wednesday yet.
So, let's have at'er eh? What once was an unclear military strategy has revealed itself. The terrorists are out of novel approaches and are going to stick with what works. Last week thought the working stiffs sent abroad would oppose the change of pace in Ukraine. As it turns out, not so much. Taxes well spent it seems. Considering I've seen footage of some random urban Russian women fetching well water, I don't think they think. What I mean is; about the annexation of Ukrainian territories. (ELABORATE) These rural, somthing around 400 kilometers outside of Moscow, citizens pay what they pay and don't expect running water in return.

The Russian prisoner of war interviews reveal much of the same laissez-faire and blasé expresionlessness. Following the herd, the culture shock of war a whimper across most interesting of assortment of benign men I've analyzed. So far it has been active personnel and men from prior service that Ukraine has netted so far. There are only a few pencil pushers interviewed so far that were caught up in a draft. They were mostly already on a list and figuring the phone would ring someday.

I assume mobilization turned out much like they expected it to be when they first left the army. It was no surprise when the conscription officer showed up one day and delivered their fate. Starting first thing the next morning they were to show up at their local recruiting office to terminate their existing life. The prisoners of war often intonate a familiarity with the building and a weird chill about just dropping it all and joining back up.

The culure of Russian servicemen, it seems to me, is that there is an clear unwritten expectation and understanding about the whole mobilization thing. I'm under the impression Russian passports cost more than money (elaborate) and this cultural norm is much like yacht shopping. There are a lot of implications involved and asking how much means you can't afford it. Looking it up in the "E.M.C. Terrorist Encyclopedia - 2022 Limited Edition" means: Gulag.

Thousands of Russian citizens can now reliably die daily on Putler's behalf. Recall when the invasion was not going to plan. No, no. I mean the first, first time. Yeah, back then. I was told; Russia sucked its training camps dry, instructors and all. Bah well! I'm not sure I ever expected it over by now; so I guess training just wastes time and introduces the herd to startle.

I kid you not. Check out the sleepless nights in the Nazi regime over what to do with the masses. Wave upon wave of humans needing to be harvested at scale. A single bullet can cost more than a human's life. Ants on a log is what you need.

Operation Reinhard (1942–1943) was the largest single murder campaign of the Holocaust, during which some 1.7 million Jews from German-occupied Poland were murdered by the Nazis. Most perished in gas chambers at the death camps Belzec, Sobibor, and Treblinka. However, the tempo, kill rates, and spatial dynamics of these events were poorly documented. Using an unusual dataset originating from railway transportation records, this study identifies an extreme phase of hyperintense killing when >1.47 million Jews—more than 25% of the Jews killed in all 6 years of World War II—were murdered by the Nazis in an intense,100-day (~3-month) surge. Operation Reinhard is shown to be an extreme event, based on kill rate, number, and proportion (>99.9%) of the population murdered in camps, highlighting its singularly violent character, even compared to other more recent genocides. The Holocaust kill rate is some 10 times higher than estimates suggested by authorities on comparative genocide.

TL;DR Bullet's are not a good economical choice to clense a large population of humans. See: Quantifying the Holocaust: Hyperintense kill rates during the Nazi genocide .

So there we have it. Terrorists terrorizing. No surprise then the second infanticide air raid was quelled. Then the Armed Forces of Ukraine wasted no time in hitting back. That's when the Frankenstein kamakazies blasted from the past to blow holes in the future of aviation European freedom fighters were at it again.

Loose lips sink ships, but this my Journal and it will know what I know; unless it is actually read. Then I might have to lock it with a super secret password, "Ker$hP0l4and" quots; So let's talk about the West bank of the river across the Gulf. Where the Special Forces of Ukraine have been operating. Not much is said, but I'm informed that the Ruskies have moved away from a position that would prevent a full on amphibious hoo-rah to more of a conscripted prisoners battlestance.

I'm thinking of H.B.O.'s Band of Brothers miniseries when Captain Winters insubordinates an order to dingy across a river twice in as many nights. We've seen footage of the like around the straits of Kherson. Away from the epicenter of death the oppsite of terror stirkes are successfully at work. Stalemate and incendiaries seem to be highlighting impressive jack-in-the-box operations. Strikes on more naval targets in the Black Sea, airfield hits in Crimea and more towards the staging city of Belgrod and random customs houses.

Oh; and Putler's twin vacations half way to Crimea the short way, while President and Man of the Year walks the line in the classic Anglo-American wartime style. Ukrainians will die for the greatest cause. (winston churchill ; patton ; mccarthur) To join the world of the free. Like in a Las Vegas poker parlor where you only need a chip and a chair to win big, but will get killed for cheating.

Love him or hate him, Donald J. Trump exhibits how great our red carpet casino really is! Fuck me; I love America.. oh yeah, and Canada too. But, c'mon naw.

But what about next week?
                                                          I hear myself decry!

  • More prohibited munitions will fall on Bakhmut and more terrorist crimes
  • More force-feeding the herd
  • Streamlining human losses
  • Something substantial out of the Ukraine Defense Contact Group on Monday
  • Is it really that muddy?
  • Russia will boast about a couter to novel Ukrainian platforms and tactics

oh. shit. last thing. Germany is going to get off the fence because the oil price thing hasn't messed things up any worse and Russia found it's derrilict fleet and shoe string insurance policies. Who knows. Boats sink all the time; Let's pray there empty; If there's anythning I know nothing about it's the great big ocean. But what sailors work what boats? I'll put the lives of two innocent Polish farmers who feed the world against the life of an oil smuggling rust bucket captain's in some actual research.


Ukraine's survival is guaranteed; The question is at what cost. The future of this united nation of victors will surge the nation forward on all fronts. A battle hardened kitted out military. A nation with a robust military industrial complex with honorable civilians throughout the clensed halls of power.

Military culture Culture SHOCK integration efficiency operations afds fd;; ratios shipyards Covid's release Japan Australia um. stocks should kinda be priced for future interest hikes and oil seems to be stablzing around the lower demand and whatver the fuck oil does. germansa

On March 4, when the site was taken over by Russian forces, Ukraine said the training centre of the Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) was hit by a projectile, causing a fire that was later extinguished.


Early on 4 March, a fire broke out at the plant, causing immediate concern despite the lateness of the hour. Ukraine’s presidential advisor Mykhailo Podolyak summarised Ukraine’s reaction on Twitter : “Zaporizhzhia NPP is under fire! The entire[ty of] Europe is at risk of a repeat of the nuclear catastrophe. Russians must stop fire!”

December 2022

Bombs Fell

Last week's strike; conducted today, because you know, Russian time. Ten missiles got through, murdering people, while sixty were wasted. Putler's rocket stocks are now lower than ever.

Terror Base Attack

Ukraine was able to pre-emptively strike two air-bases used to terrorize their civilians.

The cat is out of the bag on winning this war.

United is the World

Ukraine knows who it's friends are, and vise-versa.

Resorting to Nukes

Putler is a lost cause so the question is, "how deep goes the rot?" Clearly deep enough to kill babies and deploy criminal weapons.
All methods of self destruction are on the table.

The 5th of December

A Monday in 1994

You say potato I say reach-around.

Another key point was that U.S. State Department lawyers made a distinction between "security guarantee" and "security assurance"
The Budapest Memorandum did guarantee territorial soverighty which was violated 20 years later in 2014.

A Monday in 2022

Russian terrorists occupy large portions of Ukraine while long range bombers missile civilians and utilities.

Following the attack, Oleksii Reznikov, the Minister of Defense of Ukraine, announced he and U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin had a phone call to discuss further strengthening of Ukraine's air defense.

Dear Diary

Dave Chappelle is so Dreamy

Dave Chappelle (42791297960) (cropped) No appologies necessary. Sincerely, look up "sincerety". Really; did I get it right?
He obviously means what he says, but the joke is on you and it's hilarious. Us jokers are laughing ourselves to sleep over your intolerance. The real uproar should be in the the sincerety of it all.

If you have a problem with a rich black man telling jokes about the truth. Well bub. That truth is for you, just to get you stirred. What fuels your anger or otherwise? Of what could you be offended or jealous? What bell did this clown ring inside your head?

Let the man happily piss into the wind all he wants. It's comedy gold at the Niggers'.

Like, I have no idea who is going to read my dribble, but if you have a problem with a comedian, I've met your kind before. You are most welcome here friend. Eat as much as you want and do your best to communicate; I'm trying really hard to understand you and your ilk.

The 12th of December

A young white man and a young black man set out to change the world. The black man said to the white man, "I know how to make jokes. " To which the white man replied, "I know how to make answers."

And so each man used their imaginations to create unique connections within their brains. The witty one told jokes. The inventive one built machines. The jokes got funnier and the robots got better; causing society to think.

Really great jokes are incredibly hard to remember. That's because it's easy to forget a fleeting thought. Finding unusual pathways in creative ways across ones brain is considered genius.

So today, when the two pioneers of progress met on stage, in a better world; no thanks to them it would appear. Remarkably sad is this day when my words ring so true.

I'm signing up for twitter rn.

After the David Letterman subway interview with the comedian of Ukraine. We understand the power of thought.

  • I hope it's as funny when I do it.
  • A list of exact evidences; unanimously decided by the unanimously decided percentage of the population.
  • Where I'm going with this is; as I hurl my thoughts publicly it becomes just that
  • Why do I think law enforcement should do it's job?
  • Who thinks they shouldn't?
  • So why don't we call the cops when we witness digital crime?
  • Or am I imagining a problem that doesn't exist?
  • Do reports get filed with local law enforcement after the meta-owner removes the illegal content?
  • It must.