A new leap.

The 17th G20 Heads of State and Government Summit will take place at November 2022 in Bali. The Summit will be the pinnacle of the G20 process and intense work carried out within the Ministerial Meetings, Working Groups, and Engagement Groups throughout the year.
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Just in time for turkey day the leaders return home. At home we pardoned a chicken while digesting the future. Preparing for war. Communist rebirth. New central cities. Digital currency. With no sign of the chip war letting up. The great collapse. It will now be said; collision course.


Ausies get played.

Squaring off. Chinatown burns down, mob control at it's finest. Communist badges wash ashore to wrest the peoples fury. The leader delays a vote. Australia arms the nation to quell the organized chaos.

Known from the start.

In late 2021 the Kremin asked for security guarantees. To the world it was known as a request to disbar new entrants in NATO. No more / no less. For me it was the 50k in troops hanging out on the border after the ball dropped at midnight. However to those in the know; the ask was a dead givaway. Ten months of active fighting later; similar asks abound.

Kicked when down. Stockpiles of grain. Community Kitchen.

The Case for Tanks

Belarus. While all eyes turn to the mud in Bakmut and the redeployment of the battle-hardened Kharkiv divisions, let's focus elsewhere. Ukraine called on the Belarusian military to surrender if ordered to cross the border. The terms of which are clear. The hardware is to be garrisoned, the persons cared for at their choice. Welcome are the free.

If the Ukrainians are willing to forgive Belarus for their greed in capitulation to brutality. The border has been fortified in Poland. The border is armed in Ukraine. Let's make sure Poland has new horses, the lesser breed off to Ukraine.


Scandinavian NATO training facilities will be needed en masse bientôt. Once trained in our stables on our beasts break them in on the 'friendly' border. The counter argument is now void, we must deter any additional combatant at all costs.

We must digest the unedible; us free hold the torch and the sword.

We ARE negotiating

  • 1. Russia has waged a war others in Europe could not.
  • 2. Reckless inaction of the Kremlin
  • 3. Appeasing America comes from a good ol' freedom fight.
Putler retires in Minsk while Moscow is divided.

Those are my framers bruh. show some respect.

Hipster level silicone war overview

Boxing fans will recognize the one two punch and the cut man waiting in the corder. The free capitalists have a challenge before them. China is gobbling up influence around the globe. (See Australia gets pned) Communism is coming in hard on the mainland. Get out while you can.

God Bless America

Get Out While You Can